Plug your Innovation into Digital Marketing to get leads

We as an innovator often has to make a bet and get down to the hard work of translating the idea or concept into a product or service which can be launched into the market.  And that is what we do, with full enthusiasm, often cheered on by an excited media audience. But sometimes, our innovation that has been created with so much passion, effort and commitment meets with a cold reception and the consumer demand-market potential turns out to be far less than was imagined it could be.

With rise in existing and new start-ups and complex marketing environment put our potential consumer, sitting at the other end, oblivious to all our innovation that could enter his/her life.

Hence our product and services remain in the dark for the intended consumers.

We as an entrepreneur and innovator’s need to blaze new trails, be a pioneer, do something innovative which has not been done before and hence is exciting, with the seeming potential to grow into a big business over time.  The way people interact with innovation, product and services has changed dramatically over the past few years with the rise of online media. Our audience is spending a lot of time online. But navigating what needs to go into it is no easy task. These days, without an online presence, it can be hard to compete and grow our business.

Hence that’s where digital marketing comes in. We have to connect it with our innovation, products or services to create current (leads). It is also the science behind the art to connect with consumers.

“Digital Marketing is the science behind the art”

This science drives us through data driven approach to fill gaps. Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program helps me in learning this science by equipping me with a 360-degree understanding of the whole digital marketing world which cover a broad array of topics to ensure you build the best foundation for success, including: Marketing Fundamentals, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Display and Video Advertising, Email Marketing, Measurement and Optimization, and more.

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